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Fs1- 좀비러쉬


Fs1- Zombie Rush


* Zombie Rush (BETA version)
 Shooting touch.

 Protect people and
 They should remove the zombie inaccessible.

* Mode 1. Killing: zombies are all occupied states.
 Zombie seems to only.
 The survivors do not come out in secret.

 "We got both."

 The weapon is limited and,
 Zombie is never herds, sparingly jalsseuja.

 They carry weapons as part of a zombie.
 Botaeja caught short in the arms.

* Mode 2. Gathering: Survivors begin to gather.
 Alone can not change this situation.
 Fortunately, getting noticed by your presence
 Survivors are gathering.
 (Also attracts zombies, was removed.)

 "My weight survivors."

 Some survivors also carrying ammunition comes.
 Refurbished been appreciated.

* Mode 3. Strategy: survivors of a zombie with treatment.
 Survivors prepare to defend it with (tentative)

* Mode 0. Beginning: The mode for beginners.
 2 minutes to fend off zombie attacks.

 Bio Nuclear disabled.

 Take advantage of much higher score restricted weapons.
 Survived when the bullet enough bonus points while saving.

* Game Operation
 Zombie Attack: Zombie touch.
 Horizontal Movement: The lower area of the touch screen.
 Change weapon: the right area of the touch screen.

* Game Over
 - Zombies get to the end.
 - A murderer who kills.

* Score
 - Remove zombie.
 - A dangerous rescue people.
 - Who arrived in the end.
 - Killed a lot in a short time (COMBO).

* Weapons
 - Rifle Gun: Attack one target at a time.
 - Laser Gun: by penetrating multiple attacks.
 - Grenades: attack multiple targets in the blast.
 - Flying bombing: the bombing on the screen where you drag.
 - Bio-Nuclear: nuclear bombing. Cast away all the zombies on the screen. Risk when used.

* Others
 - Google-supplied standard phone <Multicast> OK.
  (Reason: Do not have a different phone)
  Android 1.5 ~ 2.x works on all versions.
  However, routing, and tuning (manufacturers, users) Not a lot of support as Android.

  Not operate the list: Google Android pondeul standard environment and all other.
  - Pantech & Curitel (Sky) pondeul (yijareu FROYO, mirakeu, ...), Dell Venue, andeuroyideuwon, ...

 - Point of View
  Chat on prescription "s 30" score on input output 30-35 times.
 - Chat Off / On
  Chat with prompt "chat off" or "chat on" Enter.
 - Sound Off / On
  Chat on prescription "sound off" or "sound on" Enter.